Does Steak Make You Smarter?

I’ve written a lot about the health benefits and negative health consequences of meat. But recent studies found that eating meat might actually make you smarter. So let’s take a look at why this might be, and whether it’s actually true that red meat makes you smarter.

A recent study published in Nature explains that without meat, we probably wouldn’t have made it this far. It goes further to state that we probably wouldn’t be human without meat. Our brains needed animal protein to survive and grow, and we still do. This is good news for meat eater and bad news for vegans. Of course, it just isn’t that simple. There’s more to it, and I’m just simplifying the study to make a point. What I’m actually interested in though is whether eating meat today will boost our brain powers.

Foods such as meat are high in zinc. Zinc has been shown to be vital in improving memory and cognition. Vegetarians can use nuts to boost zinc intake, but some argue that meat is a much better source. Another vital nutrients for the brain is protein, which again is best gotten from meat. Proteins break down into amino acids, which is a major component of the brain. Without this, we couldn’t function. But there is unfortunately not much evidence that eating more protein than required would make us smarter.

So what can make us smarter? Apparently, while meat is important for the healthy functioning of a human brain, it doesn’t do much to boost your intellectual power. In order to do that, you’ll need a brain pill like in the movie “Limitless”, which doesn’t actually exist in real life. Interestingly enough, there are brain supplements available that do come close. When I say close, I mean they increase cognitive functioning, but don’t actually come close to the movie at all. They won’t make you super smart if that’s what you were hoping for.

A brain supplement such as Lumonol might work to make you a little smarter, but meat unfortunately won’t. So if you’re eating lots of steak, don’t do it to boost your brain power, but do it because it tastes good!

By the way, here’s a video I found reviewing a brain supplement for those who are actually interested in finding out whether they can increase their intelligence using pills.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Would you ever take a brain supplement like Lumonol?

Are Meat Eaters Risking Their Lives?

It’s funny how tides turn. A few years ago, all diets encouraged a protein rich meal. So steak was the healthy thing to have. Now it’s all about being a vegan. So steak is a bad thing to have. It gets confusing, so a lot of customers like tot know the facts. I personally like eating a steak, so regardless, I’ll eat it whatever nutritionists say this week.

According to a article, experts can’t agree on whether to eat more meat or cut it out altogether. The best tip in this article, and the one I always give people, is to limit your red meat intake, not to cut it out completely. For example Julia Zumpano, an RD at Cleveland Clinic’s Heart & Vascular Institute recommends a maximum intake of meat once a week. It is also recommended to eat the leanest cuts, such as loin or filet. These are my favorite anyway, so I’m in luck! I’m not sure about the once a week recommendation, and will be sticking to my 2 to 3 a week.

The real question is whether vegetarians are healthier. There is no single study that can really prove this, as it’s just too complicated. There are way too many variables involved as the video below explains. It does suggest that eating too much red meat is bad, and I would agree. You need to limit your intake. I would suggest treating yourself to the best you can afford, and eating better, not necessarily more. But, this depends on your health. Some people should eat less.

So what’s your thoughts? Do you cut out meat for health reasons?

How To Cook The Perfect Steak

We have lots of customers who buy the best piece of steak they can afford, and then don’t know what to do with it. That’s a huge shame, especially seeing that the way it’s cooked is just as important as the quality of the steak.

I found a great video where legendary chef, Gordon Ramsey shows you exactly how he cooks steaks in his restaurants. I couldn’t do it better myself, so I’ll let him show you how to cook your steak to perfection.

Here are the main takeaways from the video:

  • Use olive oil and preheat the pan sufficiently
  • Take the steaks out of the fridge for 20 minute, otherwise the center will be too cold and you’ll have to overcook on the outside
  • Add crushed garlic (doesn’t have to be peeled) for taste
  • Turn the steaks every minute
  • Use the pan to your advantage, tilt it to the side to cook the side of the steaks
  • Towards the end, add butter to enhance the flavor
  • Let the steaks rest, and slice before serving

That’s easy! Watch the video and go try it! Let me know in the comments below how it went for you, or if you have a better way to cook your steaks.

Does Red Meat Really Cause Acne?

We specialize in red meat. We love making, selling and eating meat. It’s our entire life. But we do realise that eating too much of it isn’t good. So we thought we produce a series to explore the health effects of red meat. In this article we want to look at the effects of skin and beauty in particular.steak and acne

Is meat good for the skin?

Eating too much steak isn’t good for anything, but eating it in moderation can have some great benefits to your skin. Red meat is full of nutrients, including vitamins and zinc that will boost your health. The reason vegetarians tend to look so pale is because you can’t get these effects from vegetable based proteins. So our advise, and bear in mind we’re butchers, not doctors, is to eat in moderation for the best effects.

How about curing acne?

This is an interesting topic. Some websites according to our research state that eating red meat can cure acne. We don’t think that is completely accurate. But there is some truth to it when you look at the science behind these claims. The animal protein, if consumed too much can increase the level of oil which produces acne. But in moderation it can actually help to fight and even cure spots.

So like with everything else, a little bit of meat can help. Some suggest to put a juicy steak on your face to exfoliate, but as steak lovers we think that’s a waste of a tasty piece of meat!

You’re much better cutting up some aloe vera and spreading that over pimples. In fact, there’s a great article on curing acne with aloe vera. This seems a lot more useful than putting meat on your face to be honest.

The same website has a lot more tips you can use to achieve better looking skin. We constantly cook our sausages with oregano. Who would have known that oregano oil for acne works as well.

This is all great news for meat lovers. The science does suggest that eating a little can help you, but with anything else in life, moderation is the key. The benefit is that while most acne remedies are painful, boring or difficult. Eating tasty food is fun! The natural remedies mentioned here help and we’ve included the links just in case you are suffering from bad skin and want some further tips.

Next time, we’d like to discuss how meat can affect your ability to exercise. Does protein help with building muscle or does it just create fat. See you in the next article!

Dangers Of Eating Red Meat

There is a lot of news out there these days that suggest you should stop eating red meat. But should you really give up red meat because it is unhealthy?

Of course too much red meat isn’t good for your health. I don’t think anyone will argue with that, but my opinion has always been that a little bit of meat is good for you and scientific evidence and research backs this up.

red meat healthGoing completely vegetarian isn’t a good idea unless you use the appropriate supplements. Meat has certain nutrients that you can only get from meat. In fact, it’s dangerous to stop eating meat unless you take supplements to ensure you have enough Zinc and so on.

According to Prevention, a recent study that was published in the journal Nature Medicine showed that eating too much meat can harden blood vessels due to a compound called carnitine. However, this is due to excessive intake. Certainly a little bit of deli meat once in a while can do that much damage?

Another study, this time undertaken by the Harvard School of Public Health, showed that vegetarians tend to outlive meat eaters. But is a life without meat really worth living? Seriously though, this study is slightly biased since vegetarians will eat more vegetables, which will of course make you healthier and help you to live longer.

If you are going to continue to eat meat, we suggest you eat only high-quality, grass-fed meats. There is a lot of bad meat and scraps sold, which have plenty of artificial stuff in it that can damage your health. It is important to pay a little more, and make sure you have the highest quality meat possible, within your budget. I prefer organic, and fully natural meat.

As long as you eat it sensible, I don’t think eating meat will really pose much risk to your health. At the end of the day, it’s much more about balance and there are so many other factors that contribute to your well being, that it’s difficult to say whether meat is really that bad.

The meat we sell is all of the highest quality, and they aren’t only better for you, they actually taste better as well! It’s worth eating a little less, and a little better in our opinion!

Let us know, do you worry about eating too much red meat? Would you ever consider becoming a vegetarian? Let us know your thoughts on eating higher quality meat as we’d love to know your views on all of this.

How Sausages Are Made

We love sausages, but we don’t like the way they are made. Interestingly, a politician once said that “Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made.” It’s true, but then again, high quality sausages have high quality ingredients. It’s the cheap sausages that you should be afraid off! According to the Huffington Post, the United States sausage market is a 2 billion dollar industry. That’s huge, and shows just how much we all love to eat and cook sausages.

deli-sausageThe thing to keep in mind is that to keep that kind of volume up, the cheaper versions clearly will have left-over part in them. The expensive deli sausages we sell and eat will have premium meat parts in them. When buying sausages in the supermarket you can expect that they are made from processed left over parts. In fact over half will be parts of the pig you’d never think of eating such as the blood and guts. This is why so many people prefer not to know what’s in their food, because it tends to disappoint. This is particularly true for sausages. You therefore have two choices: stop eating sausages or buy more premium versions. You could of course pretend you didn’t eat this article and go on eating them – they are incredibly tasty after all. It’s probably the most versatile food out there, so I recommend you don’t stop eating them!

For those who love standing in the kitchen, and want to be adventurous, here is a video showing you exactly how to create your own homemade sausages. The good news is that you’ll know exactly what goes in them, the bad news is that it’s not that easy and you do need some expensive equipment. But this video will guide those wanting to make fresh homemade sausages.

We make our own sausages, and they taste amazing. It’s fun to experiment and add exciting new ingredients such as chillies and different types of peppers into them.

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